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Week 5

After passing through Ft. Bragg, Elk, Gualala, and Bodega Bay, we made it to San Francisco!!! Woo hoo! It was so exciting to cross the iconic Golden Gate Bridge as AJ biked 400 miles this week with his trusted companion, Ferdinand. He is a true cycle warrior!

From the Redwoods to the coast, we experienced long winding roads, amazing sunsets, and steep coastal climbs. We saw harbor seals and yak and were constantly wowed by the views along the California Coast.

We passed through many tiny seaside towns and quietly celebrated the 4th of July in the charming little town of Gualala.

Thanks for following along. We appreciate your prayers and donations! We are so grateful for you all.

California Coast

Russian Gulch State Park

Russian Gulch State Park

Lighthouse Cove

Bodega Bay (thanks for the yummy fish tacos at The Birds:)

Harbor Seals on the beach in Jenner

Yak near Inverness

Sunset from the Golden Gate Bridge

The California Coast.

Here are some more scenic views along the Pacific Coast in California.

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