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Week 2 was filled with steep, winding roads and intense heat.

Thankfully, the weather cooled in the evenings. AJ continued to pedal his way through Washington State and crossed the Oregon border by ferry. Woohoo!


The week was filled with memorable people and places. Check out our map to see all the sweet little towns we passed through. One day, after a day of cycling, we camped and hiked at Seaquest State Park and caught a glimpse of Mount St. Helen. Gorgeous!


Friday was super challenging. Andrew got his first flat tire in a remote area on the trail, thanks to a piece of metal that lodged itself in his back tire. He patched it, changed it, and continued onto his destination as planned. Nothing can stop this guy!


We took a much needed break in Cannon Beach over the weekend. Some good friends from Portland drove out to meet Andrew for lunch (and they brought homemade cookies!) and we met many new friends at Ecola State Park. The views were incredible.


Weโ€™re back on the road again, traveling the many winding roads of the Oregon Coast.


We appreciate your support and prayers!

Mount St. Helen

Astoria, OR

Ecola State Park

Cannon Beach, OR

The scenery is beautiful here in the Pacific Northwest

Here are a couple more scenic views along the coast.

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